Ping Vault Putter Series Review
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    The Ping Vault Putter Series are precision milled and they’re inspired from the company’s famous Gold Putter Vault. Basically, the Ping Vault Putter Series represents an improvement via incremental (technological) steps compared to the Gold generation. Golfers will experience excellent speed control and improved putting touch via the company’s proprietary/patented TR (True Roll) face technology, which is arguably one of the most important and also measurable innovations in the industry with regard to putting performance in the last decade. Each putter features an individually milled face-pattern, which varies both in pitch and depth across the face in order to speed up mishits/off center hits, leading to less three putts. There are four models to choose from in the Ping Vault Putter Series, offered in a Slate or Platinum finish. Each model provides exceptional distance control and feel, together with a consistent roll across the face.

    The Ping Vault Putter Series is a premium yet simple offering and there are 2 blades to choose from, the Anser 2 and Voss, along with 2 mallets, Oslo and Bergen respectively. All putters look and feel excellent, with the heads being machined from a block of aluminum (the mallets) or steel (the blades), which contributes to an unparalleled soft/buttery feel when you hit the sweetspot. Another great news is that both the ball speed and the feel are not affected by an errant hit, which is especially great when putting from distance. Even if you’re not striking perfectly every time, the roll is excellent regardless, and the variable depth True Roll face assists wonderfully with off centre performance, i.e. the clubface does a lot of the work for you. There’s also a new grip which offers a soft/tacky feel whilst contributing to the overall stability and face control and if you’re ready to invest in a state of the art flatstick, the Ping Vault Putter Series is very easy to recommend.