PXG Bat Attack Putter Review
©PXG Golf

The PXG Bat Attack is inspired by Odyssey’s #7 design and it makes for a monstrous putter with great feel, which is also very stable and relatively cheap, compared to other products in the company’s portfolio. The thing about PXG is that they usually charge double what other companies charge for their clubs, but this is not the case with their putters, fortunately. The Bat Attack retails for $500 and it boasts an industrial (as in big and strong) design, with nothing subtle nor artistic, featuring the now familiar bolts-weight screws that are PXG’s trademark look.

The design of the Bat Attack is a love it or hate it kind of thing, being big and boxy, which may be ideal for the “bigger is better” crowd. The feel is perfect, as the putter’s face is made of a special (TPE) elastomer, while the sound is what you’d expect from a deep milled putter. The only drawback is the lack of feedback, which is most probably due to the TPE’s dampening effect, which limits audio feedback, while the big and stable head also minimizes hands-feedback. Playing a giant mallet like a Bat Attack will redefine your notion of forgiveness, and bottom line, if you can live with the price tag, this PXG putter would make for a nice addition to your golf paraphernalia.