Ping Cadence TR Putter Series Review
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    The Ping Cadence TR Putter series come fully loaded with the latest and the greatest technologies, including advance fitting options and the Ping's proprietary True Roll face, to fit a wide range of golf players. The Ping Cadence TR Putter features different head weights while the head shapes range from modern to classic, being one of the best putter lines in the golf industry today. Long story short, the Ping Cadence TR Putter line was packed with so much technology and fitting options, it will make your head spin, together with a clean and simple design, which inspires confidence and means business. Every putter in the series comes with a black finish which absolutely eliminates glare, together with a single white sight line. There are also 7 different head shapes available, ranging from modern designs (the Rustler and the Ketsch) to classics (like B65 or Anser2), every one of them featuring the same clean, almost minimalist aesthetics, a clever idea that makes you focus on the neatness of the traditional shapes, while blending perfectly with today's modern designs.

    In terms of sound and feel, the Ping Cadence TR Putter is very peculiar, as both the feel and sound are changing together with the face insert of your choice. As a general rule, the Ping Cadence TR Putter is relatively soft in terms of sound and feel, but with the blue aluminum insert (the traditional weight), the sound is boosted and the putter feels firmer, compared to the black stainless steel insert (heavy weight). However, whether you choose aluminum or steel inserts, when you're hitting a pure strike, the sound will be a little bit duller compared to a mis-hit, thanks to the True Roll grooves. And speaking about the True Roll technology, this face insert features deeper grooves in the center and shallower grooves at the edges, in order to equalize all the putts, i.e. to make them go the same distance. And, after playing a few rounds with the Ping Cadence TR Putter, I must confess that it flat out works, offering you a competitive edge compared to other products on the market. Bottom line, if you're seeking for a line of putters offering you excellent fitting options, the Ping Cadence TR Putter series are a match made in Heaven, allowing you to find that putter which perfectly fits your stroke, your tempo and your eye, not to mention the True Roll technology that will definitely help you on those occasions you miss the sweet spot.