New Putter Lineup from Ping
    © Ping Golf

    Ping’s lineup of Scottsdale TR (True Roll) putters is pretty groovy. We mean that literally.

    Each of the six models features a “variable depth groove” insert that, the company says, “improves ball-speed consistency for unmatched distance control.” The grooves are deepest in the center of the face, shallowing out gradually away from the sweet spot. Ping says its research shows ball-speed consistency increases of nearly 50% at nine measurement points from heel to toe.

    The Scottsdale TR line also offers adjustable length shafts in conventional, mid-length and long models. For example, the length of conventional models can be altered between 31” to 38”. The adjustability option comes with an upcharge of $35.v

    Not including the upcharge, retail pricing for conventional models is $162.50; mid-length models, $192.50; long models, $215.