Ping Karsten TR Putter Series Review
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    The Ping Karsten TR Putter Series features the company's traditional head shapes and an unique copper-finish, that makes them stand out from the crowd, together with the latest and the greatest technological innovations available in Ping's portfolio. Despite the popular meme in the golfing world, that there's no new technology in putters since like forever, really, just try the Ping Karsten TR Putter Series and after that, argue with the Ping's R&D's engineers. Just thinking about the last 2-3 seasons, Ping introduced quite a few technological innovations to their line of putters, and all of them are included in the Ping Karsten TR Putter Series. And yes, they really work and they make for visible improvements both for the amateur and the pro golfer. Let me mention just the excellent fitting process and that specially designed face insert, which works miracles when it comes to forgiving mis-hits; the Karster TR series truly earned the Karsten name! In terms of looks, the Karsten TR look like classic Ping putters, courtesy of the aforementioned copper finish. There are currently 5 putters offered in the Karsten TR line, and they all feature Ping's timeless design, like the Zing and the Anser. Every putter in the Ping Karsten TR Putter Series is designed with the signature single sight-line, for aiding with alignment.

    The Ping Karsten TR Putter Series are built with milled grooves which deliver an extremely soft feel, a tad springy when it comes to hits off of the center, and progressively duller as you hit away from the sweet spot. The sound is a dull thud upon ball impact, with no click, especially if you're using a urethane golf ball. Also, I must mention that the stock grip in the Ping Karsten TR Putter Series is absolutely awesome and comfortable. The entire Karsten TR series are built with Ping's Fit for Stroke concept and they're available with both fixed and adjustable shafts. Lst but not least, the Ping Karsten TR Putter Series takes full advantage of the Ping's proprietary True Roll face technology, which creates equal ball speeds across the face. To put it simply: the putts hit with the center of the face will travel virtually the same distance compared with putts struck on the toe or the heel, providing ultimately less 3 putts. After playing around with the Karsten TR, I must confess that I've found the True Roll technology to be outstanding, leading to tight distance groupings, and also that the TR gizmo really shines on long putts. Bottom line, the Ping Karsten TR Putter Series are an excellent combo between a classic, traditional look and stroke-saving state of the art technology, being very easy to recommend.