Odyssey Works Versa # 7 putter
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    Gold Medal winning putter for a more confident golf game:
    The Versa #7 has a modified mallet shaped head, weighted alignment wings, double bend shaft and full off-set shaft. Standard specifications are a 3° loft with a 70° angle of lie on a 33, 34 or 35 inch shaft. As with all odyssey Works clubs they can be customised to suit each golfer for length and grip. It is available for both right and left handed golfers with a head weight of 350 grams. By using the best insert around, the White Hot insert and combining it with the Metal X striker plate, Odyssey Works have created the best putter around with a proven match winning record. Called the Fusion RX insert, there is greater reduction of ball skidding with better pure roll times with a better and more confident feel to the putting part of the game. Combined with the high contrast versa alignment, the proper face angle is easier to determine when standing above the ball waiting to putt. The contrast of silver and black on the putter head allows for better alignment to strike the ball.

    Odyssey Works clubs are designed to help you sink more putts and be a more confident golfer and they are able to withstand any treatment you care to hand out. A two year guarantee is offered to replace or repair if possible should a problem arise. Golfers the world over have positive comments about this putter after using it for just a short time. As well as their game improving they are feeling more confident about putting and sinking the longer putts that need to be aligned correctly.