Odyssey works Versa #1 putter
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    A quicker roll and Versa alignment for better golf:
    the Versa # 1 putter by odyssey works is a blade headed putter with a rounded heel-toe weighted blade and a crank neck hosel. The shaft is fully off-set and the head has the high contrast Versa alignment system. Standard specifications are a 3° loft, 70° angle of lie and a head weight of 350 grams. As with other Odyssey Works club you are able to customise this putter to better suit you as the player. It contains the winning Fusion RX insert that is a combination of the White Hot insert and the Metal X striking plate. This produces a faster roll with reduced skidding of the ball when first struck. A pop occurs with both centre and off centre strikes of the ball giving a precise feel to your putts. An off centre strike is not always a bad thing as you can still send the ball heading in the right direction with the Versa alignment system.

    The putter is easy to use giving consistent roll and the heavier weighted head gives overall balance to your shots. This means you can get an intuitive feel for distance as you continue to play with the Versa #1 putter. The alignment helps you with hitting the sweet spot every time you putt and the contrast is excellent between the silver and the black of the alignment pattern. Odyssey works putters are designed to help you be a better putter and to sink more than you miss. They are guaranteed to perform and to be able to handle any treatment you decide to mete out. A two year repair or replacement warranty backs this guarantee up.