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    The ODYSSEY WORKS TANK CRUISER 2-BALL FANG retails for $249,99 (MSRP) and it combines some of the world's most proven and hugely popular technologies into one package, for providing you, the player, with the ultimate golfing experience. To describe it in just a few words, the WORKS TANK CRUISER 2-BALL FANG is the ultimate counterbalanced putter, featuring a smartly designed weight system, for giving you the ability to fine-tune and adjust both the grip weight and the head weight of the putter, providing you with ultimate control over the counterbalancing system/effect. The putter features the company's proprietary SuperStroke grip and there's even a weight kit included in the package, which has 0,5, 15 and 30 gram weights, from which you can choose your preferred one to install it in the grip or the butt for optimal results.

    As a general rule of thumb, removing weight from the grip translates into increased swing speed and improved head feel, while adding more weight to the SuperStroke grip will assist with limiting hand action via your stroke. Since there's no magic formula, you'll have to try it for yourself, i.e. you'll have to find the right weight combo by trial and error, until you find the right one that perfectly suits your stroke. That's why you get the three sets of fully adjustable head weights included with the putter, for helping you find the right combo of grip weight and head weight for your stroke. The WORKS TANK CRUISER 2-BALL FANG also features the Fusion RX face insert, which is a melange of the company's iconic White Hot insert, the mill pattern of the Metal X insert together with a specially designed steel mesh, for improving friction upon ball impact, thus translating into better ball roll. Finally, there's the Versa technology, which is Tour proven in terms of effectiveness and it uses thick/contrasting lines for making alignment and aim a child's play for golf players, regardless of their skill level. The WORKS TANK CRUISER 2-BALL FANG weighs 385 grams and it's adjustable to 375 or 395 grams.