Odyssey Toe-Up Blade Putter 1-SS Review
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    The Odyssey Toe-Up Blade Putter 1-SS retails for $199 (MSRP) and it features the company's proprietary Stroke Balanced technology for offering you more consistency, round after round. Basically, the Odyssey Toe-Up Blade Putter 1-SS can be described as a squared flange blade, featuring a stroke balanced design, with a slight onset and a sole cavity. Since Odyssey is one of the leading companies in the golf industry in terms of innovation, I can safely state that the Odyssey Toe-Up Blade Putter 1-SS was developed using the newest technologies available today, for delivering you, the customer, a high-quality and state of the art putter. Let's begin with the proprietary Stroke Balanced technology, a feature that works by reducing the torque felt in your arms when you roll the ball, resulting in minimal amounts of twisting during your stroke. With torque almost gone, it will be much easier for you to get the face back to square, right? So, how did they do it?

    Well, the Odyssey Toe-Up Blade Putter 1-SS comes with a strategically placed weighting for great balance, weights that are put toward the face. This clever trick works in tandem with a center of gravity which is perfectly aligned with the center of the face. In this way, the Odyssey Toe-Up Blade Putter 1-SS promotes more consistent strokes, round after round, being one of the best balanced putters in the golf industry. There's also a perfectly flat, chemically etched Metal-X face and a Superstroke Flatso 1.0 grip included in the package, for offering you Tour proven feel and a pure roll for your ball. Let's conclude the review with the new Counter Core technology and the Hi-Def alignment, making for the perfect setup for taking pleasure in your favorite game.