Odyssey Toe-Up Mallet Putter 9-SS Review
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    The Odyssey Toe-Up Mallet putter retails for $199,99 (MSRP) and it comes loaded with all sorts of goodies, such as a rounded flange blade, a stroke balance design and a sole cavity, together with a slight onset. The Odyssey Toe-Up Mallet was built and designed with a clear purpose in mind: more consistency on the golf course, by helping you to set up square and to return the face in the same position upon ball impact. The key strategy for achieving this goal is removing any trace of torque from your hands, torque being the main issue which impacts grip pressure, thus affecting the way you rotate the putter. And the Odyssey Toe-Up Mallet really works in solving this problem, via its clever engineering, which aligns the shaft axis with the CG (center of gravity) in the putter's head.

    For this purpose, the Odyssey Toe-Up Mallet comes with a re-designed hosel, which gives this putter its distinctive and excellent toe up balance, that works miracles in reducing the torque felt in your hands. All these design features are promoting a more consistent stroke, round after round, and after playing a little bit with the Odyssey Toe-Up Mallet on the golf course, I must confess that it balances toe up exactly as advertised, achieving an almost ridiculous high standard of excellence for its price bracket. The face comes with the proprietary Metal-X technology, a precision crafted, tour proven and perfectly flat face which produces the perfect roll. Last but not least, the Odyssey Toe-Up Mallet features the Hi-Def alignment system, which consists of three white lines contrasting with the Charcoal PVD finish of the putter, making aiming a child's play.