Clevelandgolf TFI Smart Square Putter

    Great stability over longer distances: The cleveland Golf TFI or True Feel Innovation Smart Square putter has a precision milled face infused with copper over a copolymer insert that gives you the ultimate in consistency and feel when striking the ball. This is a mallet headed putter with a loft of 3° and an angle of lie of 70°. Standard shaft lengths are 33, 34 and 35 inches with further customisation available. Head weight is 360 grams and the grip weighs in at 60 grams. This putter is available in right handed configurations only. By having a high density stabilising wing combined with a lower density body made from aluminium the head MOI is increased and allows for greater stability and limits loss of distance from off-centre putts. Featuring Dual Axis alignment for more consistent putts and more confident putts. Two parallel lines extend from the centre of the face that allows you to better frame the ball and align with the face of the putter and the two perpendicular lines allow you to follow through with the shot while checking the alignment to the pin. This alignment method is up to 23% more accurate than some other methods.

    The Smart Square putter has a high tech shaped head with a striking color combination of black, gold and silver. The two squares created on top of the putter make alignment easier if you like the look of this putter. A copper colored insert in the face gives a nice sound and feel to the striking of the ball. Even a mishit has a good feel and balance through the stroke and the ball rarely races past the pin if you need to hit the ball solidly over a long distance. Longer putts are easier to control but sometimes on long range putts the ball will slow just before the pin.