Cleveland TFi 2135 Putter Review

    The Cleveland TFi 2135 is playing in the category of “best bang for the buck” putters on the market today, as it retails for just under $130. The main features of this baby are the excellent feel and the raised alignment which really works wonders in terms of creating more consistent aim, round after round.

    According to Cleveland, their latest line of putters in which the Cleveland TFi 2135 is included aims to bring the alignment to new levels (as in heights), and they acquired this goal by putting the sight line at 21,35 millimeters, i.e. the exact same level as the center of the ball. Using this smart design feature, Cleveland managed to create a putter that offers more consistent alignment, whatever your eye position at address. And after playing a few rounds with the Cleveland TFi 2135 Putter, I must confess that it really works as advertised. I mean, there's no marketing gimmick, this putter is a true aid in terms of alignement. The first thing you'll notice on this putter is the raised alignment aid, which is a unique visual characteristic of the Cleveland TFi 2135.

    The other design feature which differentiates it from other putters at address is the white face insert, together with the bits of copper, which are clearly visible in the heel and toe. I totally love the copper face, as it makes it stand out from the crowd, together with the under side of the bumpers and the shaping of the sole. The sound and feel of the Cleveland TFi 2135 Putter are very pleasant upon impact, and the feedback is pretty good. The raised alignment really makes a difference in real life, as I already told you, and beyond the alignment aid, the Cleveland TFi 2135 Putter performs very well, having an optimal weight, without being too heavy and producing very predictable and repeatable results on the golf course, with above average forgiveness. Bottom line, this putter offers excellent value for the money and solid performance, round after round. I can safely state that Cleveland really raised the bar with this one, a solid piece of golf gear which works great, just as advertised.