Callaway Atlanta H4 Putter Review
©Callaway Golf

The Callaway Atlanta H4 Putter retails for $399.99 and it’s the creation of Toulon Design, which is the high end division (some say boutique) of Odyssey. Basically, the Atlanta H4 Putter is a mid sized mallet aimed at appealing to players who demand maximum feel from their “designer golf gear”, yet they also want the forgiveness offered by a mallet. The Atlanta H4 Putter was named after a great American golf city and it’s milled from 303 stainless steel (black) for an amazing soft feel. To further enhance both feel and sound, the Atlanta H4 boasts a diamond shaped pattern on the face (in the hitting area). This putter looks very familiar at address and it can be personalized/customized via adjusting of its sole plates. You can affix the aluminum sole plate to the head’s bottom, making for a total weight of 350 grams, or you can go for the stainless steel sole plate, which increases the overall weight of the head to 365 grams.

Finally, there’s the tungsten sole plate, that increases the head weight to 383 grams. The Atlanta H4 Putter has a beautiful shape for a mid sized mallet, and it’s fully milled featuring a composite construction(multi-material aluminum sole plate and short-slant hosel), being very forgiving and incredibly easy to align. Being a high end putter, the Atlanta H4 has every radius, curve and line painstakingly rendered and keep in mind that the face of the putter alone takes forty minutes to mill (hence the price). The diamond shaped contact patch which is located at the face’s center promotes a uniquely satisfying feel and sound and it strategically channels vibration. The putter also comes with counterbalanced options: the aggressive release series and the moderate release series, offering you the option of installing different counterbalance plugs (25 grams and 50 grams respectively) into the butt end of the grip. Configuring the counterbalance/sole plate in various weight combos, you’ll discover a variety of ways to customize fit and feel to meet your personal requirements, whether aggressive or moderate.