Callaway Columbus Counterbalanced MR Putter Review
©Callaway Golf

The Callaway Columbus Counterbalanced MR Putter retails for $459.99 (MSRP) and it’s built and designed to help you generate a tad more pronounced release upon impact, while keeping the classic grip length and a more traditional stroke. With this baby, the well known boutique putter maker Toulon Design is offering players who enjoy classic lines and traditional shapes an awesome piece of golf gear, proving once again that they’re perfectly able to build a composite/multi material putter in a futuristic looking package, a putter that is perfectly capable of delivering forgiveness like the best in the business. The thing is, Toulon Design was acquired by Callaway back in 2016, and they’re now focusing on the high-end/classic design putter market. The Callaway Columbus Counterbalanced MR Putter is built using 303 stainless steel and comes with the now-familiar diamond shaped face milling pattern, which is approximately .025 inches deep into the putter’s face. This technological innovation works wonders when it comes to sound/feedback. How does it work? Well, this particular mill pattern is designed to improve roll quality, yet the grooves also control the feel and sound by channeling vibration. Moreover, the diamond shape pattern increases friction upon ball impact, and helps the ball stop sliding, thus promoting a quicker forward roll.

Also, due to the Callaway Columbus Counterbalanced MR Putter’s geometry of the head, aligning it accurately is a child’s play. The MR particle stands for “Moderate Release”, as this high end putter comes equipped with a 20 grams stainless steel sole plate and an additional 25 grams Counter Core putter grip weight. These 2 weights add to the putter’s head overall weight of 368 grams. The notch-back design of the Columbus Counterbalanced MR Putter allowed the R&D department to add more weight to the perimeter, thus increasing the moment of inertia and making it a very stable putter. This also translates into more forgiveness when it comes to off center strikes. Bottom line, if you’re looking for a putter that comes with the beautiful styling of a blade while delivering mallet type performance, the Columbus Counterbalanced MR Putter should be on your short list.