PING G25 Irons Review
    © Ping Golf

    The PING G25 Iron is yet another impressive piece of work that manages to provide a wide range of golf players with a pleasant experience regardless of their abilities/skill level. Even if you’re a high handicapper, this fellow will gladly deliver the forgiveness you clearly long for, but without sacrificing performance in the process.

    The iron’s appearance will appeal to those of you who are fond of dark-toned clubs, as it consists in a gun metal finish on a clean/no-nonsense design which suggests that the club means serious business. I don’t know about you, but a sober and minimalistic design (as opposed to flashy) inspires confidence in my book, and that’s a great feature to have in a set of high performance golf iron. The thin topline at address might bring some help on focusing better on the club’s face when hitting the ball.
    The G25 has been designed with a custom tuning port (CTP) which sits lower into the club’s sole; that translates into a lower center of gravity and, thus, a higher moment of inertia; all these design characteristics lead to a higher launching ball, more distance and loads of forgiveness. The iron’s heel and toe support bars and CTP improve the resistance at impact and further improve distance. Forgiveness is enhanced due to perimeter weighting and a larger cavity.

    In conclusion, if you want a high-quality, sleek looking club for offering loads of forgiveness, accuracy and distance on the turf look no further than PING’s G25 iron.