Ping G30 Irons Review
    © Ping Golf

    The Ping G30 falls into the category of game improvement irons and it retails for $800 the steel version or $900 for the graphite. Its main attributes are distance and forgiveness, and being a game-improvement club, it’s also aimed at promoting a high launching angle for the ball, along with increasing distance and forgiveness. Basically, these are the most important attributes I’m looking for in a game improvement iron and Ping did a great job with the G30. These babies are cast using a high quality 17-4 stainless steel and they feature Ping’s proprietary technologies, i.e. a special tuning port and an undercut cavity.

    These two unique elements of design play a major role in the G30’s characteristics, as they shift its center of gravity as low as possible while promoting a high launching trajectory for the ball. The moment of inertia is increased also, thanks to the aforementioned cavity, which redistributes the weight of the iron around its perimeter. Another benefit of the undercut cavity is the unprecedented amount of forgiveness the G30 has to offer (even for a game-improving iron that is). In order to enhance the feel and sound of the iron at impact, Ping inserted a plastic (an elastomer of some sort) badge into the undercut cavity, a nice design touch which results in better performance and playability in real life; that’s what good engineering is all about! In terms of design, the Ping G30 really stands out from the crowd, featuring a great dark gunmetal/charcoal finish which I absolutely love, being very different from the usual chrome finish other companies offer on regular basis. Bottom line, I can definitely affirm that Ping did an excellent job with the G30, which are loaded with game improvement technologies that really make a difference in real life. The G30 hits the ball high with zero ballooning, it’s long, easy to hit and the more you play, the more you like it. This is maybe the best iron for mid to high handicap players, as it looks great, it offers loads of forgiveness and it may transform you into a Ping guy (if you were not a fan of the brand before, obviously!).