Mizuno MP-15 Irons Review

    The Mizuno MP-15 fall into the category of Better Player Irons and they retail for a relatively hefty price tag of $1000(the steel version) or $1100 (the graphite). The main thing about these high end irons is that Mizuno managed somehow to blend together forgiveness, versatility and accuracy in these magnificent looking pieces of golf gear, which are aimed mostly at low handicappers. How they did it? Well, the main technological gizmo in the Mizuno MP-15 is titanium, which is used instead of regular steel in the large areas behind the sweet spot, thus shifting additional mass to the perimeter. The end result of this innovative design and engineering is a set of irons that promote workability, being able to do absolutely any task you throw at them.

    The relatively thin sole works wonders in terms of providing a penetrating ball flight on any type of turf/lies. Playing a few rounds with the Mizuno MP-15 I discovered that they’re hugely reliable and predictable in the same time, and fairly easy to dial in. In terms of forgiveness, these babies perform pretty well, as Mizuno designed a smart muscle-cavity which truly impressed (even surprised me), as slight mishits with these irons feel and look pretty good. I mean, these irons are incredibly forgiving in terms of direction and distance, taking into account that they’re aimed at professional players. I would have expected this amount of forgiveness in game-improvement irons to be honest, and by all means, don’t take that as a bad thing, au contraire! Mizuno did a wonderful job with these irons, especially when it comes to their classic chrome finish combined with the thin and minimalistic topline, along with the small sole. Basically, these irons are a great mélange of traditional design and high technology, offering loads of versatility and increased forgiveness when compared to, let’s say, a pure MP 4 muscle back. Bottom line, these are awesome irons for you if you’re looking for “forgiveness” yet you still want to get a set of golf gear with great feel and better player features.