Mizuno MP-4 Irons Review

    I must confess that I’m a big fan of Mizuno’s golf gear and the MP-4 irons are (or should be) definitely on every respectable golf aficionado’s bucket list. These true-blue muscle back MP-4s use the Pure Muscle Design with the VDT technology added into the mix (variable muscle thickness that is); the VDT thing represents an added weight lower and behind the club’s head, providing a low sweet spot point and adding more mass upon impact. Also, the MP-4 irons are designed using Mizuno’s proprietary technology, namely the Flow Forging process that uses 1025E Pure Select carbon steel for improved feel. All these super-technical details will give you, the player, loads of consistency during your shots, a straight/consistent ball trajectory and tons of feel and forgiveness throughout the set.

    I don’t know about you, but a cool looking set of irons in my golf bag means a lot to me and the Mizuno MP-4 irons did not disappoint me in the aesthetics department. Their design is very simple, even minimalistic, a common trait in muscle backed irons. There’s nothing fancy about these babies, every line is clean and they mean business as soon as you lay your eyes upon them. In terms of performance and feel, once you get accustomed with them, the MP-4 will perform as expected from better-player oriented irons, in the purest sense of the expression. They have the looks and the performance and they’re packed with high tech and tweaks that will provide you with the ultimate level of workability and feel and also with a strong, solid impact during your swings. The feel of these babies is incredibly soft, that kind of a buttery feel that sends a clear message through your hands about how each swing was. They also provide a higher launch throughout the set and I must tell you that the MP-4s really are a joy to hit from any lie, on any kind of turf. I also think that Mizuno designed these irons with golf purists in mind and also for elite players, and if you’re one of them, I can bet you’ll not be disappointed; all you need is to give them a try.