Sklz Stance Trainer Review

    The Sklz Stance Trainer retails for $49,99 (MSRP) and it's basically an elevated foot alignment mat which is designed and built for helping you to achieve the proper alignment and stance during your favorite game. It works by bringing your feet level with the ball when you're hitting off most mats. Also, it helps with guiding for ball and feet alignment via adjustable pads and makes your practice sessions at home more effective and realistic. The Sklz Stance Trainer is very light weight, flexible and portable, being covered in non slippery rubber for promoting stability.

    Using it regularly, you'll be able to work through every club and every stance, thanks to the Sklz Stance Trainer's adjustable pads, as it will guide you thoroughly for ball and feet proper alignment and position. With the Sklz Stance Trainer , there will be no more side-hill lies or ball above the feet, because this cleverly designed piece of golf gear raises your feet level to match the ball. For improving consistency, the Sklz Stance Trainer comes with reinforced markings for providing proper ball placement and alignment. Also, the Sklz Stance Trainer can be adjusted for all your clubs in your golf bag and each shot, ranging from drive to chip, for a very effective and highly efficient training session. The philosophy behind the Sklz Stance Trainer is that proper setup is essential for any swing, hence using this baby you'll be able to train from the same spots, session after session, promoting a consistent and steady swing. Bottom line, the Sklz Stance Trainer can be described as a golf training tool of major importance and using it regularly you'll benefit from proper training and the essential practice hitting off a mat.