Sklz Vari Break Putting SystemTrainer Review

    The Sklz Vari Break Putting System Trainer retails for $99,99 (MSRP) and it's a custom-made putting mat which is built and designed for allowing you to practice all the aspects of putting at home or at work. The best thing about the Sklz Vari Break is is that it's engineered to act in a similar fashion with the real thing, I mean like an actual putting green. Using the Sklz Vari Break, you'll be able to simulate a golf course in the privacy of your home or office and go practice making and reading putts with variation. The Sklz Vari Break is an over-sized thirty three square feet and eleven feet long putting mat, which features 2 movable foam wedges and it gives you the possibility to contour the green for basically any putt you desire to practice for.

    You can contour the green left and right, uphill or downhill, while the state of the art true roll surface simulates actual green conditions with great accuracy, including against the grain putting and down grain putting. The Sklz Vari Break comes in a nice package, which includes a convenient and comfy carry bag with a strap and the SKLZ putt pocket, which will help you to make the hole smaller, allowing you to concentrate on the high side of the hole when putting. Another great feature of the Sklz Vari Break is represented by its versatility, which allows you to re-create basically any putting conditions you could encounter on the golf course. Not every putt is perfectly straight and flat in real life, so you should practice for real life scenarios. Here the Sklz Vari Break comes into play, via its putt pocket and foam wedges, for allowing you to train for any number of realistic putting scenarios.