Sklz Hinge Swing Helper Review

    The Sklz Hinge Swing Helper retails for $24.99 (MSRP) and it's built and designed for reinforcing the optimum swing mechanics. As you probably know, practice makes perfect, being a key component when it comes to developing your golf skills. The time spent on the range is equally important compared to the time spent on the golf course. SKLZ has been a leader in the training aids industry for years and now, with their new Sklz Hinge Swing Helper, they're trying to take the game-improvement business to the next level. All golf instructors know that if you don't hinge your wrists in the proper way, you're in a world of trouble. The Sklz Hinge Swing Helper is built for mitigating this problem, and it does that by promoting the optimal wrist hinge found in on plane swings, leading to a crisper ball striking. Basically, the Sklz Hinge Swing Helper is created for assisting players in their quest for finding the top of their swing, while promoting in the same time the proper wrist hinge. The product itself is very easy to store in any type of golf bag as it's very compact and it attaches to the butt end of your club.

    How does it work? Well, long story short, it doesn't allow you to break your wrist at the beginning of the swing, thus obstructing wrist movement through the swings for helping you to get to the top of your swing plane. Using it regularly, you'll definitely notice improvements in your swings across the board, especially if you're that type of golfer who has a too short back-swing. Also, the Sklz Hinge Swing Helper will help you to extend your takeaway, improving distance, which is clearly a plus in terms of game improvement. However, the biggest benefit of using the Sklz Hinge Swing Helper is the added consistency, shot after shot, tightening up dispersion especially around the green. Bottom line, if you are a big swinger seeking for more distance and accuracy, the Sklz Hinge Swing Helper is very easy to recommend, being the perfect low cost training aid which will definitely improve your game.