Sklz Smart Glove Review

    The Sklz Smart Glove retails for $29,99 (MSRP) and it's one of the best golf aids ever invented, for helping you to achieve the optimal straight-wrist position for improved ball contact. Basically, the Sklz Smart Glove is designed for the main purpose of ensuring improved grip and wrist position, being a dual purpose training guide, focusing on helping you to achieve a proper golf grip via a firm left wrist at swing impact. Very clever, indeed. How does it work? Well, it's pretty straight forward folks: the Sklz Smart Glove comes with a removable wrist-guide which works by setting your wrist in the ideal position through your swing, providing a perfect wrist release. Also, the Sklz Smart Glove is built using high-end materials, i.e. the excellent Cabretta leather, and it features a grip alignment aid together with the aforementioned wrist-guide, to help you achieve that perfect wrist position throughout your swings.

    The palm of the Sklz Smart Glove comes with a cleverly designed grip alignment for showing you the optimal grip placement, a very smart feature that will improve the learning curve for beginners, also being a great game improver for players looking to correct their issues in their swing or grip. The Sklz Smart Glove will help you with eliminating flipping, casting and scooping, together with other swing faults, and encourages the right (perfectly straight) posture for your wrist at impact, so the arm and the wrist are optimally aligned for promoting the ideal amount of power-transfer to the golf ball during your swing. Since the wrist guide may be removed for on course play, you can always practice with the Sklz Smart Glove, and when you want to play a round, you just take out the plate. In just two months of using it, you'll probably develop muscle memory and you'll no longer need it, and that's awesome in my book.