Sklz Grip Trainer Review

    The Sklz Grip Trainer retails for $19,99 (MSRP) and it makes for an interesting piece of golf gear, designed and built for correcting and instilling your muscle's memory for optimal grip and positioning during your game.

    According to scientific research, over eighty percent of golfers fail to grip the club properly. Here, the Sklz Grip Trainer comes into play. The clever design of this little gizmo allows it to be easily attached to any club and it will fit all hand sizes, in order to allow you to achieve that perfect grip, which obviously leads to a more perfect shot. Because that's all we dream about, right? The Sklz Grip Trainer is small enough to fit snugly inside any golf bag, and it's the perfect tool for any range session or pre-round training. The trainer works by teaching your muscles how to achieve the ideal grip, creating muscle memory, which leads to a more firm and natural hand positioning and grip.

    Also, due to its intelligent design, the Sklz Grip Trainer can be attached to basically any club, ranging from drivers through wedge and it's built for using it on standard size grips. The Sklz Grip Trainer was creating around the philosophical precept that good habits must be encouraged through proper training, and since the vast majority of golf players fail to learn the proper grip techniques when first learning the game, they're rapidly adopting bad habits. Using the Sklz Grip Trainer, you'll be forced to learn the proper hand placement during all your swings, thus making for better mechanics, which will lead to consistent and smooth strokes. However, no two players are identical, but the Sklz Grip Trainer will help you regardless, as it effectively fits all hand sizes and it works perfectly with any club in your golf-bag. Finally, due to its very convenient size, you'll be able to carry it with you for every range session and you'll be able to use it doing a bucket or 2 before every round, for reinforcing the proper grip before starting with your first tee.