Women's No Backswing Golf Drill Can Help Fix Your Downswing 1

Try this drill if you are struggling with the correct movement through impact. Set up to a golf ball in a well balanced address position. Place the golf club head next to the golf ball so it is touching the ball. Without a backswing, push the golf ball as far forward as you can.

Try the same drill again and work on making the ball go further each time. As you do this drill you will learn how to release the club head correctly to gain maximum speed through impact and you will learn how to incorporate the turn of your body into the movement to gain more distance.

If you move the club head along the target line with the face pointing along the target line you will see a straight movement in the ball. However, if you pull the club head away from the target line and have the club face pointing left or right of the target, you will notice that the ball flies in a different direction.

You will feel like you are pushing the ball on the club face and then flicking it or releasing it off the face by using your hands, wrists and body turn. Practicing this drill will encourage you to release more correctly during your golf swing. When you then make a full backswing, retain the feeling of doing this drill as you hit through the ball and you should find that with practice you will improve your downswing movement.