Golfers are regularly told that they should keep their head down.

    However, this piece of advice could be damaging many golfers ability to swing through the ball correctly. If you are trying to generate maximum velocity with the club head through the impact area, it is very difficult to do this without turning your body aggressively to the left and allowing your shoulders to turn through freely.

    This should allow your head to rise through the impact area and allow your spine angle to increase, as you move towards your finish position, which will ultimately be standing straight and tall over your left side.

    If you are trying to keep your head down, fixed firmly and looking at the golf ball, you will probably find that your right shoulder is unable to turn through correctly as your chin is in the way. This would reduce your club head speed and make your swing follow-through feel very cramped.

    It is particularly important to notice how, with your driver, the ball is positioned on a tee, how the ball is positioned towards your left side in your stance, and your swing arc is rising as you get through the golf ball. Therefore to maximise your club head speed and your turn through the shot, allow your head and your chest to rise slightly as you come to the impact area.

    This will create the freedom for your right shoulder to follow through more aggressively and ultimately resulting in longer, straighter, higher flying drives.