Why Use Hybrid Golf Clubs – Ladies Golf Tip

In this swing tip video we are going to discuss why you should play with hybrid golf clubs. Hybrid golf clubs are a mix of the best elements of your woods and your irons. Hybrids have the larger head of a wood but the shorter shaft length of an iron making them much easier to hit successfully than longer irons.

The larger club head that the hybrid has means that it has a larger sweet spot for the golf ball to be struck from. Striking from the golf club’s sweet spot produces the longest and straightest golf shots and if this area is larger it makes it much easier to strike the golf ball from.

The larger golf club head of the hybrid also means that this club has a greater moment of inertia. Moment of inertia is the club head’s ability to resist twisting from an off centre hit. The easiest way to think of moment of inertia is to consider how a skater spins on the spot. The closer to their body they place their arms, the quicker they rotate and spin because there is less resistance to their rotation movement. If the skater holds their arms out from their body, their rotational resistance increases and they spin much slower. The bigger the club head becomes, the more the club head is able to resist the rotational twisting caused by off centre hits. If a golf ball strikes the toe area of the club face, this area of the club will slow down due to the impact. However, the heel of the club face will continue to travel at the higher speed and will accelerate and rotate the club face. A hybrid is much more able to resist this rotation which makes it a much more forgiving club to play with.

The hybrid leading edge is also designed so that it does not dig into the turf. The club head maintains its speed through impact and allows the ball to be hit at full club head speed, producing longer golf shots.

The hybrid also has a lower centre of gravity within its club head and because of this, the golf ball gets launched at a much higher angle, making it easier to get the ball into the air and hit higher and longer golf shots.

The higher ball flight of a hybrid also means that you can hit higher shots into the green from further away and the golf ball will land much softer and hold the green allowing you to attack the flag much more.

Hybrid golf clubs are much easier clubs to use and play with as they are much more forgiving, much more accurate and allow you to hit higher and longer golf shots. Have a look at the range that are on offer from Thomas Golf as they have a wide selection to help you to make your game much easier and more enjoyable.