Why Try Ladies Hybrid Golf Clubs

    If you want to improve your game and are struggling with hitting your irons accurately and with distance, then you should consider trying hybrid golf clubs.

    Hybrid golf clubs have the larger club head of a fairway wood but have the length of an iron, meaning they have the best features of both clubs within this one. Hybrid clubs are much easier to hit than irons as when you initially place the club head next to the golf ball, it looks a great deal bigger than the thin top edge of an iron, so you will feel much more confident before you play the golf shot.

    The larger club head of the hybrid means that the club face is also much bigger than the club face of an iron so there is more club face to strike the golf ball from, making it easier to connect with the golf ball.

    The larger club head also results in the hybrid having a larger sweet spot. The sweet spot is an area in the middle of the club face which produces the longest and most accurate golf shots when the ball is struck from it. The larger this area is, the easier it is to strike from the sweet spot and produce your best golf shots. Hybrid golf clubs are more forgiving than irons as you can strike the golf ball from further away from the centre of the club face and still strike from within the sweet spot. With an iron, you would be outside the sweet spot and the shot produced would not be as good.

    The hybrid golf club also has a higher moment of inertia and this also makes it a much more forgiving golf club. As the club head is bigger, the weight within it can be moved further away from the club face and placed around the perimeter of the club head. By doing this, the club is able to resist any rotational force that is placed on it by off centre strikes. When a golf ball impacts with one end of the club face, it slows that end of the head down. The opposite end of the club head continues to travel at the higher speed as it has not impacted with anything and the club head rotates and produces an off target strike. A hybrid club head is able to resist this rotational force due to the weight placed around the club head’s perimeter and as such the club head does not rotate with off centre strikes, which results in straighter shots at the target.

    A hybrid golf club also has a lower centre of gravity within its club head. A low centre of gravity produces a high ball flight with shots that are struck from the club face. This makes hitting the golf ball high much easier with this club and the higher the golf ball is struck, the further it will travel, producing much longer golf shots. The higher ball flight from the hybrid also makes it easier to stop the golf ball on the green, as the ball will be dropping at a more vertical angle, making it easier to stop. A hybrid golf club is also easier to use as it has the shorter length shaft of an iron. The closer that the club head is to you, the easier it is to control and produce great results with.

    Try a ladies hybrid golf club as they are far more forgiving, making them much easier to hit accurately and long. Have a look at the Thomas Golf website for their extensive range of hybrid golf clubs and once you have tried them out and experienced them for yourself, they will be a permanent feature in your golf bag.