What is the Proper Club head Feeling, Golf Swing Tip For Women A

    When you swing your golf club it is important that you work on improving your technique.

    However, when you are doing this you must remember that you are making technical improvements so that you can swing the golf club and more specifically the club head, back to the ball more powerfully and more consistently. It is important to remember that it is the club head that actually does the hitting.

    You need to retain your ability to feel both where the club head is and what it is doing during your golf swing. If you can feel what your club head is doing as you strike the ball then this will provide you with valuable information as to why the ball flew as it did. If you can feel whether the ball was hit from the middle of the club face, or more towards the toe or heel, you will then be able to make the necessary corrections to improve your next shot.

    Try practicing the following to improve your club head feeling. Initially, make some practice swings with your eyes closed. Place your awareness on to the club head as it moves around you during the swing and focus on following the movement of the club head, getting used to and learning how you move your club head around your body.

    Once you have tried this, place some face tape on to the club face. The middle of the golf club we will call a 10, so a shot from the centre would score a 10. The more the shot is off centre the more the number drops towards 0. What is the Proper Club head Feeling, Golf Swing Tip For Women 3Now hit shots and grade the feel of where the ball was struck on the face, then check with the face tape.

    When you have got used to grading the feel of the strike also include the direction, so it may have felt like a 7 strike towards the toe and again check the face tape to confirm what you felt.

    Learning the correct feeling in the club head will make a major improvement in your game so work on the drills and improve your club head feeling.