What Is The Correct Way To Create The Best Three-Quarter Wedge Shot For Women Golfers 1

    A three quarter wedge shot is a really useful shot to learn to play to begin to develop distance control on your shots into the green.

    In order to play this shot well, initially aim the club face towards your target and take up your stance with your feet just under shoulder width apart and have a centred ball position.

    Pull your left foot directly back about four inches and place slightly more weight on this foot, about 60% of your weight on your left. You need to pull your left foot back in order to effectively open your stance to get your left side, your left hip, out of the way of your follow through so that you can swing the club head down the target line towards the target, through the shot and on to your follow through.

    Set your hands ahead of the ball and club head. Work on achieving a straight line from your left shoulder, down your left arm to your left hand and then down the shaft of the club into the club head.

    This will allow you to make a steeper swing with the club head and create a downward hitting action with the club head back to the ball, which will create a crisp, clean strike and an upward trajectory for the ball flight. As you swing the club back, only allow yourself to swing your hands to chest or shoulder height on the backswing.

    If you focus on your hands only achieving this position, you will restrict your backswing length to a three quarter position, where you can now strike through the ball from and hit a solid three quarter wedge shot from.