How Women Golfers Should Play Lob Wedge From A Tight Lie, For The Best Results 1

Playing a lob wedge shot from a tight lie is a very high risk shot.

However, sometimes you have no other alternative and being able to successfully execute this shot can make a really big difference to your score.

You are going to use your most lofted club, your lob wedge here. Initially, open the club face of the club, which means rotate the handle of the club to the right so that the name or grip guide on your grip is now off centre to the right. Place your hands on to the club and the club face is now open, or aiming right. This will allow you to play a shot with a lot of height, that travels upwards more than it travels forwards. With the club face open and aiming right, we now need to re-aim the club face to the target so rotate your feet alignment to the left until the club face aims at the target.

With the open club face we can also use the bounce of the club head, or the rounded back/underside area of the club, to hit downwards just behind the ball, as you would with a splash shot from a bunker and slide the club head under the ball. Play the ball from slightly forward in your stance, or to the left of centre to give you the time to slide the club head under the ball and place slightly more weight on your left foot. This will allow you to make a downward strike towards the ball, allowing you to strike the club head down into the turf, just before the ball and then slide the club face underneath the ball. Address the ball with your hands directly up over the ball and the shaft at 90 degrees to the ground, or the end of the club in line with your belly button.

To make the correct swing, work on having a shallow angle of attack with the club head towards the ball, to allow you to slide underneath the ball as you strike into the turf just before the ball and rotate your body towards the target as you strike and swing through, finishing in a high position with the club head.

This will allow you to hit some fantastic high shots that stop extremely quickly on the green, but remember this is a very high risk shot, only play it when you have no other option and it needs a lot of practice for it to be reliable and effective.