In this swing tip video we are going to look at the main benefits of ladies hybrid golf clubs compared to standard irons.

Hybrids are a great deal easier to use and produce a fantastic result with much more consistency than standard irons. They are much more forgiving than irons, they are easier to hit high and long and have a great deal more versatility.

What Are The Main Benefits Of Ladies Hybrid Golf Clubs Compared To Standard Irons

Hybrids have the benefits of a fairway wood and an iron blended together into one club. The club head of a hybrid is much bigger than that of an iron so when you initially address the golf ball with the club, the bigger head looks much easier to hit the ball with than the thin top line that you are faced with from an iron. As the club head is bigger, the club face’s sweet spot is also bigger. The sweet spot is the area in the middle of the club face which produces the longest and straightest ball flight when the golf ball is struck from it. The larger the club head, the larger the sweet spot and a larger sweet spot is easier to hit the golf ball from and you can do this more often. But with a hybrid golf club, you can still hit a fantastic golf shot even though the connection is made from further away from the centre of the club face than with an iron. The same connection away from the centre with an iron would be outside this club’s smaller sweet spot and the resulting shot would not be as good.

The larger club head of a hybrid has a lower centre of gravity than a standard iron and this makes it easier to get the ball into the air. The lower the club head's centre of gravity, the higher the golf ball will launch from the club face. The more the golf ball is hit into the air, the more it will travel forward and it will be hit a greater distance than when using a club where the golf ball does not fly as high from the face, such as a long iron. The higher flight also produces a more dropping action in the ball as it descends, making it easier to attack the green and hold the golf ball on the green, especially from a distance. Longer irons tend to have a lower ball flight which means they run on more when they land, making them harder to stop on the green.

The Womens Hybrid Golf Clubs head also has a much higher moment inertia than a standard iron and this also makes the hybrid a much more forgiving golf club than the iron. Moment of inertia is simply the club head's ability to resist twisting. When shots are hit off centre from a golf club, the club head twists because the area where the golf ball was struck from slows down from the impact but the other end of the club head doesn’t slow down as it is not impacting with anything. This makes the club head twist and the golf ball is hit off line. Hybrids have a much bigger club head than irons, so with these club heads, the weight within them has been placed further away from the club face around the perimeter of the head and the club head can resist this twisting force that is placed upon it with off centre hits. The club face is able to continue aiming at the target, even on off centre strikes and this allows the golf ball to fly much straighter towards the target.

The club head of the hybrid has a much wider sole than an iron does and because of this the club head glides over the turf much more, without the leading edge digging in to the ground, as happens with an iron. This means the hybrid retains its club head speed much more and delivers a higher club head speed into the golf ball producing longer shots. When the leading edge of the iron club head digs into the turf, the club head speed of this club is transferred into the turf rather than the golf ball and this means that a lower amount of club head speed strikes the ball, resulting in a shorter shot.

Hybrid golf clubs are much easier to hit, much easier to get into the air, much easier to hit longer, are much more forgiving and provide more consistently.

Have a look at the Thomas Golf website as they have a wide variety of hybrids available for you to replace your standard irons and make playing the game much easier.