There are a whole variety of fairway woods available for lady golfers to carry in their golf bags. You can carry a 3 wood, 4 wood, 5 wood, 7 wood, 9 wood and even 11 woods to play your golf shots with.

    What Are The Benefits For High Lofted Fairway Woods For The Lady Golfers

    Fairway woods have a much bigger club face than irons do so when you initially set up to hit your golf shot with them, the club head looks a lot bigger next to the golf ball. This initially will make you feel a lot more confident about playing the shot well and with a bigger club head, it is much easier to connect with the golf ball.

    As the club head is larger on a fairway wood, the sweet spot of the club head, is also much bigger. The sweet spot is a medium coin sized area in the centre of the club face and when the golf ball is struck from this area it travels most accurately and furthest. The larger sweet spot of the fairway wood therefore makes it much easier to hit from this area and so you will hit more accurately and longer with more of your shots.

    Fairway woods also have much more forgiving club heads than irons do on off-centre strikes. When a golf ball is struck from off centre, the area of the club that impacts with the golf ball gets slowed down. However, the other end of the club face does not slow down as it does not impact with anything, so it continues to travel at the same speed. This places a rotational force on the club head and if the club head is unable to resist this force, the club face will rotate and hit the golf ball off target. A fairway wood, with a larger head, has the benefit of being able to resist this rotational force that is placed on it from off centre strikes, as it has a higher moment of inertia than an iron. Moment of inertia means the ability to resist the rotational force and this is due to the weight within the fairway wood club head being placed further away from the face than it is in an iron. This results in straighter more accurate golf shots being hit with fairway woods even when the strike was not from the middle of the club face and this is a great benefit when out playing on the golf course as you will hit more of your targets and therefore take fewer shots when out on the course.

    Higher lofted fairway woods also have a wider sole than irons do. This feature allows the club head of the fairway wood to glide across the turf rather than digging into it so that the club head transfers a high swing speed into the golf ball as it strikes it. The higher the swing speed as the club head strikes the golf ball, the further the shot will travel so this provide lady golfers with a great benefit as you will hit the golf ball further.

    A further benefit of playing higher lofted fairway woods as a lady golfer, is the distance that you can achieve even with a lower swing speed due to the height that you can hit these shots at. The higher the fairway wood number, the higher the loft that the club has and the more loft the club has, the higher you will hit the golf ball into the air. This is a real benefit to lady golfers because lady golfers generally have a lower swing speed. With a lower swing speed, the more loft you have on the golf club that you are playing the shot with, the further you will hit the ball. The fairway wood will launch the golf ball at a higher angle into the air when it strikes the ball and the more the ball is in the air, the further it is travelling so the longer you will hit your golf shots.

    Combined with this higher loft, fairway woods have a larger club head than irons so this allows the centre of gravity to be placed lower in the club head. The lower the centre of gravity in the club head, the higher the club head will launch the golf ball and this will produce a higher golf shot that travels a much further distance.

    There a lot of benefits to playing with higher lofted fairway woods, rather than irons, so why not have a look at the Thomas Golf website for their range.