Why A Woman Golfer Should Consider A 4 Wood To Replace A Modern 3 Wood

Most club golfers think that to hit longer distances you need to hit the golf ball at a low trajectory, with lower lofted golf clubs. But this is the wrong approach for the majority of golfers.

Professional golfers entering the long drive championships train by hitting their drives and then timing how long the ball hangs in the air for. The longer the ball is in the air, the further it is travelling forwards and the longer the distance that the ball will be hit. Think of how you would water your garden with a hose pipe. If you stood in one spot and angled the trajectory of the water differently, you would notice that the lower you angle the water jet, the earlier it hits the ground and that as you raise the angle that the water is spraying out at, the further away from you the water lands, as it is travelling a greater distance in the air. This principle applies to how you need to approach hitting a golf ball. The higher the trajectory you hit the ball up into the air at, the further the golf ball will travel.

In the golf swing, speed is directly related to the loft that you should play with to achieve maximum distance from the trajectory you launch the golf ball at. Ladies have a much slower swing speed than professional golfers. Higher swing speeds can use lower lofted clubs and still achieve an optimum high launch angle to achieve distance. However, lower swing speeds require more loft to achieve the optimum launch angle that produces maximum shot distance. Because of this, consider playing a 4 wood rather than a modern 3 wood as a lady golfer.

Using a 4 wood will give you a higher launch angle for your golf shots and this will get the ball into the air for longer and produce a golf shot that travels further than a 3 wood which has a lower loft.

Taking this a little further, if you played a higher lofted driver such as a 14 degree driver, you would achieve more distance from your tee shots. But if you carry a 14 degree driver, this really is the loft of a 3 wood which can be anything from 13 to 16 degrees. Carrying a 4 wood in your bag which has a loft of 16 to 18 degrees will give you a good loft increment between your golf clubs, rather than having two clubs in your bag with a too similar loft.

You only need one club with a particular loft so play a 4 wood instead and increase the distance of your golf shots instantly.