To Get Correct Ball Height You Need To Hit Down 1

    One of the most noticeable differences between high handicapped amateur golfers and better players or professionals, is that high handicappers often struggle to get the ball airborne even though they look like they're trying to scoop the ball up into the air.

    More proficient golfers are aware that if they feel like they are trying to strike downwards on the golf ball, this will result in a cleaner contact and more consistent height of flight.

    A golf club has enough loft to hit the ball at the desired height, it just requires the golfer to produce a nice, consistent strike position with a slightly downwards blow. If a golf ball is already positioned on the ground, it is incredibly difficult to get the club under the ball with any upwards swing. This would result in big divots being taken before the golf ball, and ultimately fat shots.

    Hitting the ground is a positive outcome for a normal golf shot but the divot must be taken after the ball. Therefore, the club is descending into the ground and through the golf ball. Having the hands ahead of the ball during the impact phase and moving the body weight towards the front leg during the downswing is a great way of feeling a downward strike and a better contact on the ball.

    Next time you watch good players practice, notice how they look like they're trying to keep the ball lower, even though they hit high towering iron shots.