Best 3 Ways To Get More From Your Ladies Hybrid Golf Clubs

Ladies hybrid golf clubs are extremely versatile golf clubs and very easy to use to play shots with effective results. You can use them to play some fantastic full shots from the fairway into the green, but you also have a lot of other options available to you, making them an invaluable club for you to carry in your golf bag.

The first reason that you can get more from your hybrid club is that you can play some great recovery shots very easily out of the rough with this club and you are not just restricted to playing from the fairway and a good lie.

The design of the hybrid club head means that this club head has a very low centre of gravity within it. Having a low centre of gravity means that shots hit with a hybrid have a high launch off the club face and this produces high shots that travel far. When you find yourself in the rough the next time you are out on the golf course, play your hybrid as the club head will produce a shot that is struck at a high launch angle to get the ball easily out of the rough.

To play an effective shot from the rough with your hybrid, take up your stance with your feet shoulder width apart. Play the golf ball from slightly forward in your stance so just left of centre (for right handed golfers) and place your weight slightly more on your left side, with your hands forward, or to the left of the club head. This set up will encourage you to swing slightly steeper and allow you to pick the club head up out of the rough. It will encourage a V shape swing action that will result in the club head attacking back down towards the golf ball at a steep angle of attack, keeping the club head out of the rough for as long as possible and allowing the club head to strike into the back of the golf ball. With the lower centre of gravity in the club head, the ball will fly high and out of the rough and produce a shot of length to help you recover well and get back into the hole.

A hybrid golf club is also a great option to use around the green when you are faced with a long chip shot to play across the green. Using a hybrid to play a chip and run with will produce some excellent and very consistent results as there is very little to go wrong during the shot. Set up with your feet slightly closer together than usual and the ball in the middle of your stance. Draw your left foot back about four inches more than usual to play this shot as this will encourage your body to rotate through the shot towards the target and allow the club head to travel down the target line. Place slightly more weight on your left side and keep your hands forward whilst playing the shot. This will keep your wrists straight and get you using your arms and body rotation for an effective shot.

Create a straight line from your left shoulder down your left arm to your hands and then down the club shaft to the club head. Simply use your putting stroke to move this straight line away from the golf ball and then back through it into the follow through. Make the action from the shoulders and keep your wrists straight to maintain the straight line throughout the shot. Ensure your follow through distance is the same as your backswing distance and gently brush the grass under the golf ball as you play the shot.

This will produce a fantastic run shot that lifts initially for about 15% of the shot distance and then rolls out along the green for the remaining 85% of the shot to the hole.

Hybrids are also highly effective clubs to easily play long, low, recovery shots from under overhanging branches. To play this deliberately low but long shot, set up as discussed for the chip and run, but with your feet slightly wider to aid your balance. Swing the straight line of your left arm and the club shaft to just over waist height on your backswing and then drive the straight line through impact with the golf ball and maintain it on your follow through, which will finish at waist height also. Maintaining the straight line will prevent you from using your wrists and this combined with keeping your hands forward throughout the shot will produce a low but long recovery shot.

Have a look at the Thomas Golf website for their full range of ladies hybrids as they have an extensive range and offer versatile and easy to use hybrids to replace every iron in your golf bag.