How to Use A Thomas “Chipper” Golf Club 1

    The “chipper” is a unique golf club designed to simplify greenside chip shots. Built with the length of a putter, the loft of a mid-iron and a head like an iron or hybrid, the Thomas Golf chipper can be a one-stop solution for a multitude of different situations.

    Of course, the chipper isn’t a magic wand you simply wave then watch the ball disappear into the hole. Success requires proper technique, same as with any other club.

    There are two basic methods for using a chipper. It’s best to learn both, then use the one which best suits a given situation.

    The first method is for shots played from very close to the green, preferably from fairway-length grass. The goal is to get the ball on the ground and rolling toward the pin, so a putting-type grip and motion are your best bet:

    How to Use A “Chipper” Golf Club 2

  • Assume your regular putting stance and grip, with the ball in the middle of your stance.
  • Place the hands slightly ahead of the ball.
  • Make an arms-and-shoulders motion, as though putting.
  • The ball will barely get airborne, reaching the green with minimal or no backspin and rolling toward the hole.
  • The second method is for chips from farther away, where you need a little loft to get the ball onto the surface:

    How to Use A “Chipper” Golf Club 3

  • Take your normal (non-putting) grip and a narrow stance, with your feet just a few inches apart and the ball positioned near your right (back) foot.
  • Place the hands ahead of the clubhead, with the shaft tilted toward the target.
  • You should feel a little more weight on your left (lead) foot than your right.
  • How to Use A “Chipper” Golf Club 4

  • Taking the club back, maintain the triangle formed by the arms, wrists and shoulders. The wrists should hinge little if any.
  • Keep your hands ahead of the clubhead swinging through, meeting the ball with a slightly descending blow.
  • One club, two simple and similar swings. Add it up and the chipper could become a huge weapon in your short game arsenal.