Golf is a target game. Hitting that long drive is nice, but what truly makes an outstanding golfer is consistency. To be consistent shot after shot, you need a repeatable routine for aiming your club to the target. A good example of this comes from Camilo Villegas, one of the up-and-coming stars on the PGA tour. Below are the secrets to his routine, used before every golf shot for outstanding consistency.

Watching Camilo on the course, you’ll notice he incorporates the shaft of his club when visualizing his target line. This signature contribution adds to this already very effective routine for producing consistently accurate golf shots.

STEP 1 • Stand behind the ball and visualize a line between the ball and your selected target. To help with this visualization, hold your shaft out in front of you vertically and close one eye so the shaft matches up with your visualized target line.

STEP 2 • Looking at your target, run your eye down the shaft in order to pick out a leaf or mark on the ground a foot or two in front of the golf ball and on your target line. This mark is very useful for the next step, as it’s MUCH easier to aim your club at something close to your ball, versus a target over 150 yards away.

STEP 3 • Address the ball and aim the club head at your selected mark (and target line). The aiming indicator on all Thomas brand equipment works perfectly for this.

STEP 4 • The club is now aimed directly at the target. Align your body parallel to the target line and direction of the club head.

Once you do the above routine a few times, it starts to flow quickly and naturally. With your club and body aligned properly, you can continue with a proper golf swing and experience the significant advantage of increased consistency and shot accuracy.