Why Senior Golfers Should Fix One Golf Swing Problem At A Time

    Making a golf swing involves making a specific sequence of movements. The pattern of these movements is complex and is made at speed, but if you make the correct movement pattern/sequence then you will hit good shots. However, if the movement pattern is incorrect then you will not and the movement pattern or sequence of movement needs improving.

    Once you have a good understanding of the correct sequence that is involved, thinking about each individual movement can result in your swing becoming quite robotic and losing its flow and rhythm. Rhythm is really important during your golf swing as good rhythm can hide a multitude of technical issues. If you are going to approach fixing your golf swing by thinking about each individual movement, then slow your swing down, but keep it flowing as you move slowly.

    However, slowing your swing down will reduce the distance that you can hit the ball. Rather than doing this, work on fixing one movement at a time. If you try to fix everything all at once it can be very overwhelming and you will end up fixing nothing. Work out what is the most important issues to correct and then just focus on correcting this until you have. If you have a total of six swing issues to fix, if you try to fix all six at once you won’t fix any. Just focus on issue number one of the six and get this correct. Then progress on to issue two and work solely on improving this. Before long, you will have corrected two issues and be working on number three, whereas focusing on all six would see you still needing six improvements and no progress being made as you have too many things to focus on!

    Work on correcting the most important issue first and only this, then bolt the next correction on to it and in a relatively short amount of time your swing will be improved.