What Is The Correct Golf Swing Sequence For Senior Golfers

To achieve the correct sequence of movement during your golf swing, initially take up a well balanced address position, where your feet are shoulder width apart, your back is straight but spine is tilted forward from your hips and your knees slightly flexed.

Your swing sequence should be initiated from your left shoulder (for right handed golfers). At your address position, create a straight line from your left shoulder to your left hand and then down the club shaft to the club head. Instigate your swing by moving this straight line from your left shoulder, so that the club head moves directly along the target line, right of the ball.

Continue this movement until your hands have moved across your body and are just right of your right thigh. At this point, you now begin to hinge your wrist and continue to rotate your upper body to the right. Hinging your wrist creates an upward momentum in the club head and this continues until you have created an 'L' shape between your left arm and the golf club at chest height. Continue to rotate your upper body until your shoulders are 90 degrees right of their start position and to achieve this you will also rotate your hips to the right slightly.

At the top of your backswing, your left arm will be straight, you will have a 90 degree angle between your left arm and the club shaft, your upper body will have rotated 90 degrees to the right and your hips will have rotated 45 degrees to the right.

The correct sequence of movement is shoulders, wrist then hips.

To instigate your downswing, this sequence is reversed. Your hips initiate the downward movement by rotating towards the target. Then your torso rotates towards the target followed by your upper body and shoulders. Your arms then swing in and finally you release your wrists to release the club head at the ball.

This will allow you to achieve maximum distance, with accuracy and a really solid connection and help you to improve your golf shots.