What Is The Correct Right Arm Swing Sequence For A Senior Golfer

If you are looking to generate maximum distance from your golf swing as a senior golfer then understanding the correct right arm swing sequence and effectively using this during your swing will really improve your club head speed and as a result, help you to achieve maximum shot distance.

During your backswing (for right handed golfers) your right arm plays a very passive role as your left arm is the dominant force of your backswing. At set up your right arm is relaxed and bent at the elbow which is tucked in towards your torso. Your right arm remains connected to the movement of your body during your backswing and at chest height on your backswing, your right arm should still be bent at the elbow with your elbow pointing downwards and forward of the right side of your chest.

At the top of your backswing the right arm is still passive with the elbow pointing downwards to the ground and directly under your right hand – a position similar to that of a waiter holding a tray above their shoulder. To help you achieve this position with your right arm, work on setting up with a glove between your upper right arm and body. Hold the glove in position by keeping your right arm close to your body throughout your backswing and do not let it drop.

On your downswing, initially your right arm is again passive as your left arm leads but as you approach impact, your right arm now becomes more dominant and explodes into the strike as you extend and straighten it through impact to create maximum leverage and club head speed. Your right arm remains extended following the target line to the target, and becomes parallel to the target line by waist height on your follow through. It continues to remain straight to shoulder height to allow the maximum width of swing arc for the club head to move around, again allowing club head speed to be maintained at maximum and then you bend your right arm into your finish position as comfortable, wrapping your arm around your shoulders.

Working on achieving this correct right arm swing sequence will help you to increase your club head speed to its maximum through impact and your follow through and you will hit your furthest ever golf shots!