What Is The Correct Spine Tilt For Senior Golfers To Have At Address

    In this swing tip video, we are going to discuss the correct spine tilt to achieve in your address position.

    Spine tilt at address and throughout your golf swing is crucial as it sets the angle that you will swing the club head around you at. The angle that you swing the club head around you at is known as your swing plane.

    If your spine angle is too vertical or upright, your swing plane will be too upright, or too steep as you will use your arms too much during your swing and as a result, you will strike the ball very inconsistently as you will hit the top of the ball a lot due to the angle that the club head is moving down towards the ball at.

    If you tilt forward too much at address, you will swing the club too flat or too low around you and again this will give you problems with the strike.

    Having the correct spine tilt at address is really important to allow you to swing the club on the correct plane during your swing which will result in consistent, accurate and powerful golf shots.

    To achieve the correct spine tilt, try the following drill. Place a golf club down your back so that the back of your head, the middle of your shoulders and the bottom of your back all touch the club. This now has your back in a straight position. You need to maintain this straight position in your back and tilt forward from your hips. If you move from your shoulders then you will create a C look to your posture and this will give you issues in your swing when you try to rotate your upper body. Maintain all three points on the golf club and tilt from your hips towards the golf ball.

    How much you need to tilt forward will depend upon your height and the club that you are using for the shot that you want to play. The longer the club, the less forward tilt you will need and the shorter the club, the more forward tilt you would require. The shorter you are in height, the less forward tilt you will require and the taller you are, the more you will need to tilt. But what you want to achieve when you tilt forward with a straight back, is a position where your arms are able to dangle vertically under your shoulders.

    This will set the correct spine tilt at address that you now need to work on maintaining throughout your golf swing to hit your best golf shots.