How Senior Golfers Can Play Better Golf With These Top 3 Ways To Lower Their Golf Scores

    All golfers want to shoot the lowest score possible when out on the golf course. Golf is a game that is about much more than just your swing and how to play more technically well. The next time you are out on the course, if you are looking to lower your golf scores then following these three simple tips will help you to achieve this.

    Initially, work on having a really good grip. The only contact that you have with the golf club is through your hands, so it is vital that this is correct as it has so much influence over the direction that you strike the ball in and the connection that you will also make with the golf ball. If you are right handed, work on being able to hold a coin between your left thumb and hand and have this on the handle so that the coin is placed across the centre of the handle so that it points up to your right shoulder. This is a really good check point – that you are holding a coin that points up to your right shoulder – to ensure that your left hand is on the club correctly. Once you place your right hand on to the club, you should also be able to hold a coin between your thumb and hand on this hand too and again it should point up to your right shoulder.

    This hand position will provide you with good control over the club face and therefore good directional control over your golf shots. And remember, hold the club when playing your shots, don’t squeeze it!

    Secondly, learn to play within yourself. Rather than trying to play the shots you think you should be able to play, play the shots you are actually able to play. If that means laying up, lay up. Always work on playing your next shot from an easy position so think about this when deciding on the shot to play and pick shots you know you can play 9 times out of 10, rather than 2 times out of 10! This will stop you getting into trouble and ending up with large numbers on your score card.

    Finally, work on achieving a good pre-shot routine. You will see all of today’s leading Tour Players have a routine that they follow meticulously before playing each shot. Use your routine to help you decide on the shot you want to play – note the actual distance required for the shot, the direction, the lie of the ball, any slope you are playing from, the wind direction, everything relevant to playing the shot well. Next, rehearse the shot you want to play, use the club you will play it with, the swing length and power that you want to use, feel the shot you are about to play. Address the ball and hit that shot you just rehearsed. A good pre-shot routine should build your confidence and belief and get you both physically and mentally ready to hit your best shots.

    The next time you are out on the golf course, work on these three simple tips and you should be able to shoot your lowest score ever!