How Senior Golfers Can Play The Best Golf Shot When Using A Lob Wedge From A Tight Lie

Playing a lob wedge from a tight lie is a very high risk golf shot, but learning to play it effectively can really help to lower your score when you are left with no other option.

To play the shot effectively, open the club face.

To do this, rotate the club handle to the right (for right handed golfers) and then place your hands on the handle. As you do this, you should notice that the club face lies back as more loft is put on the face, however the club face will now be aiming to the right. Rotate your feet and body to the left until the club face re-aims at the target again.

Opening the club face will now allow you to use the bounce of the club head to play the shot with. You need to hit downwards during this shot and just behind the ball so to encourage this position the ball slightly forward in your stance, set your hands over the ball and place slightly more weight on your left side than usual.

This will encourage you to pick the club head up during your backswing so that you get height into the club head which will allow you to attack down steeply towards the ball, striking the turf just before the ball and sliding the club head under the ball.

Swing the club head back as far as you need for the distance required and then swing the club head downwards towards the ball, catching the turf just before the ball and sliding the club head through the turf and under the ball. As you do this, rotate your body towards the target and work on finishing in a high follow through position.

Follow these tips and with some hard work and practice you will be able to hit an effective lob shot from a tight lie. But remember this is a very high risk golf shot so only play it when you have no other option.