Nearly every single putt on the putting green will have some sort of break in it.

How Best To Play Putts With Two Breaks, Senior Putting Tip
This means that if you hit the putt straight at the hole it will not go in. As this occurs on every single putt it is not necessarily a frightening prospect, however, on some greens we have to contend with two different breaks. These can prove more difficult in predicting which way the ball will go. To play putts with two breaks effectively, follow this advice.

The first part of being successful with a double breaking putt is to read the green and decide which way the ball will break. Make sure to walk all the way around your putt, taking in all the information and get nice and low to the green from both behind the ball and behind the hole when looking at the line of the putt. After doing this, make a confident decision about which way the ball will turn on the green. For instance, you decide the putt will break from right to left at first and then from left to right nearer the hole.

Once you have made this decision, divide the putt into two putts instead of one and deal with one putt at a time. Start with the putt nearest the hole and work out where the ball is going to turn from and run down the slope before dropping into the hole. This is called the apex of the putt (its highest point). Mark this point in your mind with a spot on the green or if you are practicing put a ball marker or golf ball at this point.

From this point, imagine that this spot or ball marker is a second golf hole. Now work out where the first putt needs to be hit to get the ball to this imaginary hole. Pick another spot on the green, or place another ball marker, at the apex point of the putt where you need to get the ball rolling down to your imaginary hole.

When you have finished this process you should have two spots, or ball markers, highlighted on the green to get the ball to roll over. If you get the ball rolling over the first spot it should then roll over the second spot and down into the hole.

Splitting a difficult double breaking putt up into two parts simplifies a very difficult challenge and allows you to tackle a problem in a logical way without causing anxiety. Use this process and dominate those tough greens.