Being able to play an effective 3 wood shot from the fairway is crucial for any golfer wanting to improve their scores when out on the golf course. If you can hit the ball further from the fairway then you will be able to hit the green in fewer shots and obviously this will lower your score.

    How Senior Golfers Can Achieve The Best Results When Playing 3 Wood Shots Off The Fairway

    To achieve a great result with this golf club, initially aim the club face at your target. With your club face aimed correctly, place your feet together and in line with the grooves and leading edge of the club face. Now take a wide stance up with your feet shoulder width apart so that you will be able to keep your balance as this club with generate a higher club head speed as you swing it.

    The correct ball position is vital when playing this golf club for achieving the correct shot trajectory and if you play the ball too far back in your stance, the club head will strike the ball with a de-lofted club face and as there is only 13 to 15 degrees of loft on your 3 wood anyway, the ball will be hit on too low a trajectory and the shot will land too early and not travel very far. The correct ball position is about one inch inside your left heel (for right handed golfers) and this will allow you to strike the ball with the loft correctly presented to the ball, giving the optimum launch angle to the shot.

    You need to play the shot with a sweeping club head action through impact. Work on brushing the club head across the top of the grass rather than digging it into the surface. To achieve this, set the club head next to the golf ball. Now place your hands in line with the club head and place your head just to the right of your hands. This will place slightly more weight on your right side and as a result, you will swing on a slightly flatter more rounded swing plane which will allow you to sweep the club head through the ball.

    Swing the club head away from the ball, maintaining your head position and hinge your wrist at the end of your takeaway. When your hands have moved across your right thigh and your left arm is pointing to the right, your club head should also be pointing to the right with the club head as high as your hands. Continue to rotate your upper body and at chest height with your hands, your left arm should be straight and you should be making a right angle between your left arm and the club shaft, or an L shape that is tilted slightly away from the target line. To complete your backswing more, rotate your upper body to 90 degrees right of its start position, keep your left arm straight and the club shaft should be horizontal and pointing parallel to the target line.

    On your downswing, initiate your movement with your lower body. Turn your knees then hips and finally shoulders towards the target and create a straight line with your left arm and the club shaft directly in front of your left side and leg at impact.

    Continue to rotate to the left of the target as the club head travels along the target and extend your right arm out towards the target. Finish with the majority of your weight on your left side, your torso rotated left of the target, your shoe laces on your right foot pointing at the target and the club wrapped around the back of your neck.

    Follow these tips and you will see a real improvement in how you are hitting your 3 wood from the fairway.