Who Is He?

Tim Clark Pro Golfer Swing Sequence 1

The South African, Tim Clark, does not possess many of the traits that you would expect a top golfer or sportsman to have. At only 5 feet 7 inches tall, and 165 pounds in his golf shoes, he was certainly never going to be the longest hitter on tour. His diminutive size, coupled with a physical condition that restricts the forearm rotation he is able to employ in the golf swing, mean Clark is seriously down on distance and very rarely ranks in the top 130 players for distances at any tour event. However, what he lacks in power he more than makes up for with his driving accuracy. Regularly in the top 10 for driving accuracy, Tim Clark's game is certainly steady, if rarely spectacular.

What He Does?

Due to his forearm restrictions, Clark has to use his body to generate all of his limited power. From a reasonable address position, Clark uses a wide shoulder turn and a tight left arm against the chest position to generate some power.

As with anybody who wants to maximise their distance, the ability to strike a golf ball accurately is crucial. Clark is one of the best ball strikers, and he is quoted as saying that when he plays he has very few swing thoughts and just concentrates on hitting the ball in the middle of the club face. He has very rarely taken a lesson, does not have a regular coach and keeps his swing thoughts very clear and uncomplicated.

Tim Clark Pro Golfer Swing Sequence 2

What Can You Learn?

With over $14 million worth of career earnings to date, distance is clearly not everything in the game of golf. If distance does not come naturally to your game, you can still be a formidable opponent as long as accuracy is something that you prioritise.

What Should You Avoid?

Due to Tim Clark's physical condition in his arms, he tends to set up to the golf ball in a hunched posture position. This is not something most golfers should aspire to achieve. Also Clark's reluctance to employ a full time coach would not work for many golfers unless they had a very good understanding of their swing, not only when it is good but also when something goes wrong.