Left Hand Golf Tip What Is The Right Arm Alignment

Correct shoulder alignment for a left handed golfer is important to ensure consistent and accurate shots.

Without correct shoulder alignment, players will find it hard to start the ball online with the intended target. This is because the shoulders help dictate the swing path which in conjunction with club face angle at impact dictate where the ball will go.
Correct Shoulder Alignment

To make sure the shoulder alignment is correct, players must first ensure the rest of their set up is accurate. To achieve the correct body alignment, follow this simple routine.
1.      From behind the ball, lock on to the target and draw a line back from the target to the ball. This line represents the ball-to-target-line.
2.      Just in front of the ball, pick something which sits on the ball-to-target line. On the course this could be something small like a different shade of grass or divot.
3.      After the ball-to-target line has been identified, move into the set up position and aim the club face at the intermediate target. This means at address the club face is aiming at the target.
4.      After the club face is aligned correctly, the toes, knees and hips should be then set at right angles to the club face and ball-to-target line.
On top of the toes, knees and hips, the shoulders should sit and also be at right angles to the ball to target line. This stacking of key alignment checkpoints on top of each other will ensure the body is correctly aligned. If the shoulders begin to open, the swing path back and through the ball will be affected moving the club back on an outside path and an out-to-in swing path coming through the ball. This out-to-in swing path leads to pulls and sliced ball flights. If the shoulders close in relation to the body and target line, the swing path could begin to move on a more inside path going back and an in-to-out swing path through the ball. This swing path leads to pushes and hooked ball flights.
A drill for left handed golfers to use to ensure the shoulders are aligned correctly can be accomplished without even leaving the house.

1.      Take up a posture position with a full length mirror to your left.
2.      Set the club down behind an imaginary ball and set yourself for a swing.
3.      Pause, pick up the club and place it across the shoulders.
4.      Look in the mirror and check to see where the shoulders are pointing.
5.      If they point directly down the imagined target line then the shoulders are aligned correctly.
6.      If they are not aligned correctly, players will instantly see whether they are opened or closed.
7.      Practicing this drill multiple times will help players achieve the correct shoulder alignment.
Although not regarded important by some players, the alignment of the shoulders is of vital importance to achieve straight golf shots. Left handed golfers should take care to ensure they don’t overlook this important aspect of the set up.