Left Hand Golf Tip Why You Should Start Your Swing With The Right Arm And Shoulder

Although the back swing involves many different movements, focusing on the right arm and shoulder could help left handed golfers achieve better results.

The right arm can be used by players to guide the initial phase of the back swing with the shoulder being used to help complete the shoulder turn; both vital for successful shots.
Here is how left handed golfers can use the right arm and shoulder to start the swing.
The Right Arm
As the left handed golfer takes the club away there are a couple of reference points which can be used. The first thing to move during the back swing should be the right hand and arm as they swing the club away. As the club reaches the point where it becomes parallel with the ground, the shaft and right arm should form an almost straight line pointing away from the target. This extension of the right arm and shaft ensures a wide, sweeping takeaway. When viewed from behind, if the club head sits on top of the hands, the swing should also be on plane.
This extension of the right arm and the momentum it creates at the start of the swing should be maintained as the club is swung upward. At the top of the swing, the right arm should still be straight and tilted along the same plane as the shoulders. To get the right arm up to this point, the right shoulder must also be turning and rotating.
The Right Shoulder
Although the initial feeling away from the ball should be moving the right arm, the right shoulder must also be utilized. As the right arm moves the club away and extends until the shaft is parallel with the ground, the right shoulder should be starting to turn and rotate underneath the chin. These two movements together are what help create a connected and powerful back swing. As the right arm continues to swing upward maintaining its extension the right shoulder continues to turn until fully rotated underneath the chin. This should help the upper body rotate fully until it has turned 90 degrees in relation to the target.
Left handed golfers need to ensure they rotate, twist and turn multiple parts of the body throughout the golf swing. However, using the right arm and shoulder to guide the start of the swing and subsequent back swing will help them to not only generate power but also improve the consistency of strike.

If you are struggling with starting the takeaway from the ball, focus on the right arm and shoulder to help correct any flaws you may have.