Left Hand Golf Tip Why It Is Best To Hit The Inside Of The Golf Ball

Although there are many ways a golf ball can be cleanly struck, the most powerful and desirable swing involves an inside path.

An inside to square or inside to out swing path is necessary to create a straight or drawing ball flight. They are usually more desirable because they offer a greater amount of power and distance. An inside swing path is also sought by many players desperate to rid themselves of a slice which starts right of the target before bending wickedly in the air to finish well left. The slice is caused when the club head travels on an out-to-in swing path with the club face open to both the path and target.
Although hitting the inside of the golf ball is more desirable, it’s not the easiest thing to achieve. Because the majority of golfers struggle with a slice, the out-to-in swing path is the one which usually feels the most comfortable to the average player.
Follow these drills to help swing through on a more inside path and make contact with the inside of the ball.
Cup Drill
On a driving range, place a cardboard coffee cup two inches on the outside of the ball. If the swing path is from out-to-in, the cardboard cup will be hit and fly off down the range. Players using the cup for a guide are more likely to swing from an inside path to avoid the cup.
Quarter the Ball
Using a marker pen or just your imagination, divide the ball into four quarters; this helps focus the mind. Practice hitting the bottom left quarter of the ball. If you are able to do this the swing path will be coming from the inside. This drill is useful not only on the range but also when out on the course.
By coming more from an inside path, left handed golfers will be able to deliver more power to the ball. However, they must ensure the club face is released through impact or the shot will fly left of the intended target.

There are a myriad of different paths available into the ball for golfers to use, with many of them producing perfectly good shots, but for more power and to cure the slice, left handed golfers should focus on achieving an inside strike on the ball.