Left Hand Golf Tip What Is The Proper Left Arm Swing Sequence

For left handed golfers, developing a proper left arm sequence is important as it becomes one of the main drivers of accuracy and power during the swing.


The left arm needs to work in harmony with the right throughout both the back swing and through swing. Left handed golfers can use the following guide to ensure the left arm is working in the correct way.

1. At address, the left arm should be relaxed and hanging down, mirroring the right. It will sit slightly lower because of the hand position on the grip.

2. During the backswing, both the arms should extend away from the ball as the club is swung away from the body.

3. When the club reaches parallel with the ground the arms are straightened adding width to the backswing.

4. From this point, the right arm needs to remain extended to maintain swing width. However, the left arm begins to bend and fold into the left side.

5. As the club travels up to the top of the swing, the shoulders should have turned fully underneath the chin. At this point, the left arm is bent and close into the left side.

6. From this point, the hips turn and begin to rotate towards the target. The left arm stays close into the side to ensure the club isn't thrown on an outside swing path.

7. As the club approaches impact, the left arm starts to straighten. At impact, the left and right arms have extended fully to add punch and power into the shot.

8. The through swing now becomes a mirror of the back swing. The left arm continues to straighten and extend though the ball as the right arm begins to tuck into the side and bend.

9. At the top of the through swing the left arm is still extended as the club comes to rest on the shoulders.

This sequence like many things in the golf swing is open to slight variations. However, there are some aspects that players need to ensure are maintained.

The left arm, for example, needs to extend through impact or there will be limited power delivered to the ball. If the left arm buckles it could also lift the club head too high during impact. This could cause the club to strike the ball thin.


Left handed golfers need to understand and ensure they use a proper sequence owing the left arm during the golf swing to ensure a successful connection and power delivery into the ball.